Friday, June 10, 2016

19th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry-- Part 1: Pettis or Pettys?

From Genealogy Trails.

The roster of the regiment shows  two Pettys as being members of the regiment.  This was probably a misspelling.  But the first names match up.

PETTYS, AMOS--  Reedsburg.  Enlisted Jan. 6, 1862.  Mustered Out Feb.22, 1865.

PETTYS, FRANK--  Reedsburg   Feb.. 22, 1862  Mustered Out August 9, 1865

This would be Frank and Amos Pettis.

The regiment enlisted for three years and was organized April 30, 1862, at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin (where the University of Wisconsin plays its home football games today, but during the Civil War it was a training camp for many Wisconsin regiments).

Those that agreed to stay on longer, mustered out on August 9, 1865, in Richmond, Virginia.  Frank's father Amos opted to muster out when his enlistment was over.  Frank stayed longer.

--Old Secesh

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