Friday, June 24, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 284: Battle Over Flag Rages On

"Mississippi's state flag is the last in the U.S. to directly feature the emblem."  Georgia removed  the battle flag from its banner a  while back.  However, some say that other state flags have aspects of the Confederate one in it.

"After Charleston, many other states took action to remove the flag.  Texas and Virginia began refusing to issue vanity license plates with the Confederate battle emblem.  Florida had the flag removed from the seal of the state Senate.  Retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, also announced they would stop carrying the Confederate flag.

"The rally's proximity to the one-year-anniversary of the attack weighed on the minds of the demonstrators.  'That was something so brutal and horrible,' Moore said.  'Any person with a heart should have been touched to bring down all images of Confederacy across the country.'

"'We want the nation involved,' said Edelia Carthan, 37, the cousin of Emmett Till.  "This is not just a Mississipii problem.  This is a national problem.'"

Emmett Till Was Another Example of Man's Inhumanity to Fellow Man.  --Old Secesh

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