Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MCCWRT Discussion Group-- The Peninsula Campaign-- Part 1

The McHenry County Civil War Round Table of  Illinois met at Panera Bread Co. on Northwest Highway in Crystal Lake on Saturday June 25, 2016.  The topic of discussion was the 1862 Peninsula Campaign.

Some of the things discussed:

McClellan organized a very messed up Union Army after he took command after the First Battle of Bull Run.  Joe Johnston did much the same for the Confederate Army, which despite its victory at that battle was also very disorganized and a reason it did not pursue the defeated Federals.

**  The Army of the Potomac bonded with McClellan and it became "his" army.

**  Johnston and President Davis became enemies.  Davis really wanted to be a field general (with his military background) and secretary of war for the Confederacy more than he wanted to be its president.

**  McClellan chose the Virginia Peninsula between the York and James rivers instead of attacking overland from the north because of the rivers.  he figured that the Union Navy could then protect his flanks and deliver goods.

--Old Secesh

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