Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wisconsin Drummer Boy-- Part 1: Drummer Duty

From the May 21, 2016, Baraboo (Wisconsin) News Republic "Reedsburg youth is Civil War drummer boy" by Bill Schuette.

I sure would rather be doing this sort of an entry on this blog than the Confederacy Under Attack.  If certain people and their minions stop attacking my heritage I will be more than happy to stop my defense.

Drummers and buglers were allowed to enlist in the Union Army without meeting the minimum 18-years-of-age requirement.Some estimates say that 100,000 boys younger than 15 enlisted as musicians and that 300 of them were younger than 13.

Their duty was to signal when to eat, sleep and awaken.  During battle, they signaled attack or retreat.    Officers shouting orders were hard to hear during the roar of battle.  Instruments were much louder.

--Old Secesh

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