Friday, August 12, 2016

Here Are Some More Numbers on Chicago Murders

I highly recommend you go to the Hey Jackass Chicago Mayhem and Murder site for a whiole lot more numbers and statistics on this blight.

August to Date

Shot and Killed: 31
Shot and Wounded:  134

The Week in Progress:

Shot and Killed: 20
Shot and Wounded: 64

Year to Date

Shot and Killed:  396
Shot and Wounded: 2188

On average, one person in Chicago is shot and wounded every 2:05 minutes.

One person is murdered every 12:18 minutes.

By contrast, U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan during the height of the fighting:
2009:  521
2010:  711
2011:  566

The last three years:

2014:  75
2015:  27
2016, so far:  6

Chiraq I Guess,  But Let There Be No Confederate Flags!!  --Old Secesh

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