Wednesday, February 8, 2017

General Dutton's America-- Part 1: The growth of Sycamore and the United States 1839-1900

The Sycamore History Museum has an exhibit called "General Dutton's America."  It looks at Sycamore and America in general and follows it through the life of Everell Fletcher Dutton.  Dutton lived through a very important period of history during his lifetime.1839-1900.  The biggest event, of course, was the Civil War.

During this time, Sycamore grew from a frontier town of 262 people into a large city.

Everall Dutton moved to Sycamore as a boy, grew up, went off to college and returned home to become a clerk at the DeKalb County Courthouse.

Soon, he was wearing the Union blue in the Civil War and wrote home often, sometimes as many as three times a week.

And, he was just 27 when it ended.

--Old Secesh

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