Saturday, February 18, 2017

How Do You Move a Six-Ton Painting-- Part 3: Clark Gable's In It

The Atlanta Cyclorama painting was made by the American Panorama Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1880s and these paintings were very popular in this era before movies.  Only one other one still exists today and that one is at Gettysburg.

Many German painters were employed in making these.

Once in its new quarters, the painting will undergo a long restoration process and it is hoped will be on display sometime next year.

A viewing platform will be added at 12 feet high to give viewers a 360-degree experience.  There are also 128 plaster figures in the foreground for depth.  Among those is a Union soldier with Clark Gable's face, created after he and other "Gone With the Wind" actors visited the Cyclorama during the movie's 1939 premier in Atlanta.

--Old Secesh

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