Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Do You Move a Six-Ton Civil War Painting?-- Part 1: Very Carefully

From the February 9, 2017, Yahoo! News, Jeff Martin, AP.

The colossal panoramic painting of the Battle of Atlanta will be lifted by cranes from the building where it has been for almost a century and trucked over to its new location in Atlanta.

The six-ton Cyclorama painting is one of the world's largest paintings and was at its location in Atlanta's Grant Park and now will be seen at the Atlanta History center across town.

Work had already begun on the preparation to move, but the move began Thursday, Feb. 9, and experts believe it will take two days to complete its trek.

It is a massive 15,000 square-foot painting.

You Move It Very Carefully.  --OldPaint

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