Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Here's a Thought of What to Do With the Lee-Jackson Birthdays and MLK One Occurring at the Same Time

In my last Confederacy Under Attack post I mentioned the problem in Lexington, Virginia, with the three men's birthdays being on the same weekend/day.  This is a problem in that they kind of represent the opposite sides of the spectrum

However. it should be he who first, which means the first one or ones to be celebrated should get the day.  That would mean Lee-Jackson get the day and MLK be moved to another day.

But, since the rest of the United States celebrates MLK, I have a proposition.

I would be in favor of moving the Lee-Jackson Day in return for the NAACP and other militant anti-Confederate organizations cease their attacks on the Confederacy.

I would then say to move it.

--Old Secesh

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