Friday, March 3, 2017

13th Illinois Infantry, Company F

Company F was made up mostly of men from Sycamore.

Some of the officers:

Azro A. Buck--  Sgt., 2nd lt., 1st lt.,, captain Nov. 19, 1863

Everell Dutton, 1st lt, captain, Sycamore

Nelson R. Harrington Veteran, from Sycamore.  Transferred to Company I, 56th Illinois

Alonzo Houghton, Sycamore

Zelotus B. Mayo, Sycamore, captain.  Resigned July 25, 1861.

Frederick Myers, transferred to Company I (probably the 56th Illinois)

Charles W. Orvis (or Ovis), Sycamore, veteran  Transferred to Co. I, 56th Illinois

Richard A. Smith, Courtland--  2nd lt., 1st lt., captain.  Discharged August 21, 1863.

Old Secesh

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