Friday, March 31, 2017

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 419: New Orleans Takes a Step Toward Going Lower Case

From the March 7, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  New Orleans Can Remove Confederate Statues, Federal Appeals Court Says.  (LOSS)

And, this is a big loss.  I am not surprised as there is no way we're going to get a fair hearing in any court as they are all on the anti-Confederate side.  I am sure they will be down very quickly and with nothing said about what will be done with them.

Just like in the case of (l)ouisville, Kentucky, New Orleans is well on its way to lower case shame for the shameful act they contemplate now.  Too bad, as this will have a big impact on my choice to ever go back to the shamed city.

And, I still believe that when a governmental body wants to be that insensitive to others, they should pay.  I would put the sum to be paid at $1 million apiece for the Lee, Davis and Beauregard statues.  No charge for the fourth one.

The city will remain upper case until they do their ignoble move.

And, With New Orleans' Black Murder Rates, You'd Think They'd Have Bigger Issues.  --Old Secesh

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