Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Who Shot General Sedgwick?-- Part 2: Was It Charles D. Grace?

"One of the most interesting incidents relating to the Battle of Spotsylvania (I've seen it spelled with double ts and a single t) Court House is the death of Union General John Sedgwick on May 9, 1864.  His apparent disdain for enemy bullets and his last remarks provided an ironic end yo a brilliant career."

Two other Federal officers of rank were also shot on May 9th, about the same place and same time.  They were Col. Frederick T. Locke, a staff officer, and General William H. Morris, one of Sedgwick's subordinates.  Both recovered, though Morris was quite badly hurt.

At least a half dozen Confederates have been named as the one who fired the fatal shot: Charles D. grace, 4th Georgia; Thomas Burgess, 15th South Carolina; Benjamin M. Powell, 1st South Carolina; Reuben Garnett Willis, 13th Virginia; Waller Holladay, Charlottesville Artillery (Va.); and an unnamed skirmisher identified by the 6th Vermont and killed soon after.

--Old Secesh

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