Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ed Bearss Off the Cuff

Next, we had a question-answer segment.

Some general observations of Mr. Bearss:

McClellan lacked the killer instinct.

Picketts Charge had 15 Virginia regiments in it and they were certainly not the Pride of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Had not Jackson been killed at Chancellorsville, Lee probably would have won the first day at Gettysburg.  By the third day, there was no way Lee had a chance to win the battle.

Meade made a huge mistake when he did not actively pursue Lee's army after Gettysburg.

In his wounding by the Japanese at Cape Gloucester.  They shot the s-h-i-t out of us because they had the terrain advantage.  I was fortunate not to be killed.  Was in the hospital for 72 months and did a real lot of reading while there.  One book that moved him was "Lee's Lieutenants."

A Most Memorable Evening With, In My Opinion, The #1 Civil War Guy In the Country.  --Old Secesh

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