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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ed Bearss-- Part 2: In the Marines in World War II, Badly Wounded At "Suicide Creek"

Mr. Bearss enlisted in the Marine Corps on April 28, 1942, and by July was on a troop transport to the Pacific Theater.  In the invasion of Guadalcanal and the Russell Islands, he was in the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion.  In New Britain, he was in the 7th Regiment, 1st Marine Division.

On January 2, 1944, Bearss was severely wounded at "Suicide Creek" (Cape Gloucester, New Britain). by Japanese machine gun fire.  He was evacuated to California and spent 26 months in various hospitals before being discharged as a corporal March 15, 1946.

He returned to Montana.

Then, it was on to Georgetown University for college using his G.I. Bill. and earned a degree in Foreign Service studies.

--Old Secesh

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