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Monday, January 14, 2019

Ed Bearss: Pronounced "Barrs," On Chicago

I found out his name is pronounced "Barrs" not as the animal as I thought.

I was the first person into the room where he was to speak and sat right up in the front row.  I want every bit of this.  When Mr. Bearss arrived, he took a seat right next to me.  Wow!!  Had the meeting not started right away I would have really enjoyed talking to him.

This being the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and Ed Bearss being in that war and a badly wounded Marine, that was going to be one of his topics, along with, of course, the war.

He had been in the Chicago area for two days already and escorted around by the president of the Northern Illinois Civil War Round Table.  He is a big fan of all things Chicago.  He said he had been associated with the very first Civil War Round Table in Chicago for 54 years, saying he had been in it longer than even Marshall Krolick.

Plus his grandparents had lived in Chicago.

It Was a Chicago Thing.  --Old Secesh

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