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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ed Bearss On Public Speaking

Up to now, Mr. Bearss had not read any of this far-ranging talk.  He did have a few notes to keep him on target which he'd glance at every so often, but this was not simply a "read" talk.  He says he doesn't write out his talks so he won't be looking at the words and instead keeps eye contact with the audience.  he gets his feedback from their eyes.

He is more effective when doing this.  He learned to "Look'em in the eye" in Washington, D.C..  Give the talk verbally, don't read it

Excite their emotions.

He also stood the whole talk up until the near the end when he sat down.  That is quite remarkable as, remember, Mr. Bearss is 95 years old.

If You Get A Chance To See Him, Do It Soon.  --Old Secesh

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