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Monday, February 4, 2019

15th Illinois Company A-- Part 2: Freeman to Jones

Company A, of the 15th Illinois was primarily made up of men from McHenry County.  Continuing with men with Woodstock listed as their residence.

All mustered in May 24, 1861, unless otherwise noted.  All mustered in as privates unless otherwise noted.

MARTIN FRITSCH--  Discharged November 15, 1862,  disability

GEORGE T. FREEMAN--  Discharged September 20, 1861, disability

WELLINGTON T. FRIEND--   Discharged May 20, 1862, disability

HARVEY T.H. FRYE--   Discharged March 27, 1863, disability

FRANK E. HANAFORD--  Reenlisted as Veteran  Jan. 1, 1864

MARK HATHEWAY--   Mustered in as 2nd Lt.,    Resigned October 16, 1861

AUGUST HILDEBRANDT--  Died April 19, 1862 of wounds.

CHARLES M. HOWLAND--   Discharged October 18, 1862,  disability

LAWRENCE H. JONES--   Mustered in as 1st Sergeant.     Promoted 1st Lt.  October 26, 1861.  Failed to pass the examination, Discharged February 15, 1862

I kind of wonder what that examination was for this last man?

--Old Secesh

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