Thursday, February 7, 2019

15th Illinois Company A-- Part 4: Sanborn to Wylie

Continuing with men from Woodstock.  Muster in date and rank are May 24, 1861, and private unless otherwise noted.

DANIEL B. SANBORN--  Recruit  March 31, 1864  Transfer to Co. E, Veteran Battalion

WILLIAM H. SHERMAN--  Sergeant  2nd Lieut. promoted October 21, 1862,  1st Lieut. December 23, 1862.  Mustered out at consolidation.

FREDERICK W. SMITH--  Corporal,    Promoted to 2nd Lieut.  February 15, 1862,  Promoted 1st Lieut. October 21, 1862,  Promoted to Captain December 19, 1862.  Mustered out at consolidation.

ROBERT C. ST. CLAIR--  Reenlisted as Veteran

WILLIAM W. WILLS--  Discharged October 25, disability

JAMES WYLIE--  Recruit   Transferred to Co. E veteran Battalion

--Old Secesh

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