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Friday, February 1, 2019

15th Illinois Infantry Regiment

From Wikipedia.

Raised under the 10 Regiment Act and mustered in at Freeport, Illinois, on May 24, 1861.

Companies  A, D and F from McHenry County,
B--  Boone County
C--  Winnebago County
E--  Jo Davies County
G--  Stephenson County
H--  Ogle County
I--  Lake County
K--  Carroll County

In all actions, the 15th was with the 14th Illinois Infantry.  Stationed around Rolla, Missouri.  Took part in the Fort Donelson Campaign and at the Battle of Shiloh.  On the second day of Shiloh, General Grant took personal command of the two regiments in the attack on the Confederates.

After the engagement, Grant ordered that the 14th and 15th remain together for the rest of the war.  As a result of losses and refusal to take in new recruits the two regiments were consolidated and became the 14th and 15th Illinois Battalion Infantry on July 1, 1864.

During the course of the war the 15th suffered 6 officers and 81 enlisted killed in battle or died from wounds and 5 officers and 135 died from disease.

Commanders were Col. Thomas J. Turner who resigned on November 2, 1862 and Col. George Clark Rogers to the end of the war.

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