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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Admiral Worden Honored, Commander of USS Monitor

On October 20th, there was a grave side ceremony honoring the commander of the USS Monitor during its battle with the CSS Virginia, John Worden.

It was held by the Quaker Hill and Pauling, NY, historical societies and the Admiral Worden Camp 150 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. This camp is based out of Peerskill, NY, and is composed of descendants of those who served aboard the USS Monitor.

Worden is buried at the Pauling Cemetery on Route 22 across from the Lutheran church.

Lt. Worden commanded the USS Monitor during its historic four hour battle with the CSS Virginia on March 9, 1862. He received serious eye injury when a shell from the Virginia hit the pilot box where he was commanding. He bore scars from it the rest of his life.

He later commanded the USS Montauk (a Monitor) and the USS Pensacola. He was superintendent of the US Naval Academy for five years and later attained the rank of rear admiral before dying of pneumonia in 1897.

Worden was born and grew up in Westchester, NY, but was a lifelong visitor to Pauling. He was the first to sign the Pauling Mizzentop Hotel's guest book and gave the hotel its nautical name.

Careful Where You Look During a Battle. --B-R

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