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Monday, December 24, 2007

Confederate Blockade Runner Florida/USS Hendrick Hudson

Awhile back, I came across Dale Cox's Civil War in Florida website, and he had an entry about a ship that served both sides during the war.

The blockade runner Florida (not to be confused with the Confederate warship by the same name) was built in Greenpoint, NY in 1859 and became a blockade runner.

It was captured April 6, 1862, in St. Andrew's Bay, Florida (near Panama City) by a boat crew from the USS Reckless which secretly slipped into the bay.

It was taken to Philadelphia as a prize of war and bought by the US Navy and commissioned the USS Hendrick Hudson on Dec. 30, 1862. The navy had found that a good way to catch a blockade runner was to use a former blockade runner.

The Hudson patrolled the gulf coast of Florida and captures several blockade runners during her career. In 1864, it rammed and sank the blockade runner Wild Pigeon near Key West, Fl. In 1865, it took part in the Battle of Natural Bridge, Floria on March 6th.

After the war, it was sold and became a commercial vessel again until it sank off Cuba in 1867.

Wikipedia said the Florida was captured by the USS Pursuit while attempting to run into St. Andrew's Bay.

Both Sides Now. --B-Run

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