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Monday, December 3, 2007

Custer Lost It, You Can See It

General George Armstrong Custer last saw it at what is considered to be the largest all-cavalry battle of the war at Trevalian Station in June 1864. He never saw it again because it was captured. No doubt, his wife wasn't too happy.

The brigadier general's uniform he wore at his wedding to Elizabeth Bacon in Monroe, Michigan, is back and on display at the Monroe County Historical Museum. Along with it are several other seldom-seen Custer items.

The Battle at Trevalin Station is sometimes called Custer's First Stand because he was also surrounded, but this time by Confederates.

Also included in the display is a lock of Lincoln's hair, a Tiffany sabre, and several Lincoln-signed documents.

Nov. 8th Monroe News "Rare Custer items displayed."

Here Comes the Groom. --Block-Head

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