The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Corvettes and Fort Fisher

Talk about two of my favorite things in the world. This January 5th, the Cape Fear Corvette Club is planning a cruise from Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, I imagine in Wilmington, NC, to Fort Fisher where they'll tour the museum and mounds.

Then, there will be a lunch meeting at Mike's Sea Food in Carolina Beach.

Boy, would I like to be there for this event.

One of these days, I just Gotta Get a Vette. --B-Runner


Meister Brau said...

Come and visit our website for info on this event and others.

Look under the events tab for more info.

RoadDog said...

I'd sure like to get together with you folks sometime. Right now, I'm thinking about visiting your fair city for the Azalea Festival.

How was the drive last weekend?

The Old Blockade-Runner sure wishes HE had a Vette. Maybe one of these fine days.