Friday, August 24, 2012

A Meeting With North Carolina's Claude Moore July 23, 1982

Taken from my journal.

I was on vacation in North Carolina and my cousin Graham had told me that he knew a Civil War buff near him in Warsaw that would be able to see me if I wanted.  Of course I did.

Dad drove me to Warsaw and we followed Graham out to Mr. Moore's home, which was way out in the country and I don't think we could have found it on our own.

"Claude Moore has written numerous historical articles for the Mt. Olive, NC, Tribune, many of which Dad has sent me.  His house is a veritable history museum as most of the things are from the last two centuries.  He is particularly proud of a silver set which was being stolen from a plantation by Yankees and was hastily dropped when a detachment of 'our boys' appeared and gave chase.

He then took us out to a building he operates as a museum which has thousands of artifacts, each having its own story.  He apparently is gifted with what is called photographic memory. He is a true historian.  he does all of this without the intention of ever getting rich but rather to preserve a bit of the way it was  for future generations.

Dad was very impressed with him as was I.  He said he had several letters written by a soldier stationed at Fort Fisher during the war and he would photocopy them if I wrote him and let him know my address.  All in all, this was a very interesting trip."

I don't know if I ever wrote him, but sure would have liked to get copies of those letters.

Quite a Man.  --Old Secesh

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