Monday, August 20, 2012

A "National Treasure" Returns to Southport

From the Dec. 22, 2011, Southport (NC) Times.

Historians and Civil War buffs describe Ed Bearss as a "National Treasure.  He will be speaking to the Jan. 11, 2012, Brunswick Civil War Round Table at the Brunswick County Senior Center.

Mr. Bearss is in his 80s and Director of the National Park Service Historical Section.  He is the recipient of many awards and a prolific writer.

His presentation will be on "President Lincoln and General McClellan.  There will be a $10 admission (worth every cent of it).

I sure would have liked to be there.  It seems that Mr. Bearss speaks a lot in North Carolina, so he must live nearby.  One of these days I definitely would love to have the opportunity to see him.

Maybe next Time.  --Old Secesh

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