Thursday, August 23, 2012

Civil War Veterans Formed Groups After the War-- Part 2: 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The GAR's first Decoration Day was May 5, 1868, although other groups, north and south, were already decorating the graves of the fallen.  Newark, Ohio's first Memorial Day coincided with the first reunion of the 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) on May 30, 1878.  It was attended by President Rutherford B. Hayes, General (later president) James A.Garfield and General William T. Sherman.

The 76th OVI continued reunions until at least 1932, when General John C. Clem traveled from Texas to attend.    He was listed as the youngest veteran at age 81.  W.A. Parr was the oldest at 96.

Also in attendance was Frank French, Licking County's last-living Civil War survivor and Albert Norris, the last-living survivor of the Sultana disaster.

At the 1916 reunion, survivors of the Confederate 1st Arkansas returned the 76th's regimental flag that they had captured at the Battle of Ringgold.

More Ohio regiments Coming Up.  --Old Secesh

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