Friday, August 10, 2012

Will the Real Thomas Ruffin Please Stand Up?

It happens more often than not, but, earlier today I blogged about a group of Confederate Veterans in Mobile, Alabama, going for a bay excursion and picnic at the grounds of Fort Morgan on the 48th anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay Aug 5, 1912.  Most of then had been at the battle.

The name of the UCV Camp No. 675 was Withers-Buchanan and I hadn't heard of it before so started doing more research.  That's when I came across the UCV Thomas Ruffin Camp in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  Never heard of it, but I was born and still have family there.  Had to check that out as well.  Never heard of Thomas Ruffin either.

Then, it was two hours later.

And, there were two Thomas Ruffins.  Imagine That?

No Wonder It Takes So long to Do These Dadburn Things.  --Old Secesh

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