Friday, March 1, 2013

Fayetteville to Help Wilmington Yellow Fever Epidemic

From the October 22, 2012, Fayetteville (NC) Observer "October 1862 Developments."

From the Oct. 3, 1862 newspaper.  At the time, a yellow fever epidemic was raging in nearby Wilmington.  I have written about it before.:

"At a meeting of the Mayor and Commission on this day, the following resolutions passed,

Resolved, that the Board deeply sympathizes with the citizens of our sister town of Wilmington, in their afflicted condition, will take all means in its power for their relief.

That a  committee will be appointed to raise the means necessary to procure supplies for the sufferers in Wilmington, and to purchase, collect and forward every thing to be necessary and acceptable to the inhabitants of that town, in their present troubles.

That the citizens of this town and county be solicited to co-operate and assist in carrying out the purpose of the proceeding.

That the Mayor be added as Chairman, and that he be requested to communicate with the mayor of Wilmington and ascertain what we can best serve the wants of his people.

From the minutes. A.M. Campbell, Town Clerk"

Helping the Afflicted.  --Old Secesh

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