Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nov. MCCWRT-- Part 6: Red River Campaign-- The Battle of Mansfield

The Union forces now veered inland to follow a road at Grand Ecore, about half way between Alexandria and Shreveport.

In the meantime, Confederate General Richard Taylor had been reinforced and now had enough men to fight Smith.  In addition, he also now had cavalry to serve as his eyes on Union movements.

The Union forces were heading toward Mansfield, but Taylor set up a defensive position at Sabine's Crossroads and a battle took place there on April 4, 1864.  It goes by two names, the Battle of Mansfield and the Battle of Sabine's Crossroads.

The Confederates had a numerical advantage at this battle, 8,000 to 4,400.  Confederate officers rode their horses into battle and many were killed or wounded, but the Union line was forced back.  Banks lost 2200 men and Confederates 1,000.

--Old Secesh

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