Friday, November 4, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 378: Gay Flags OK, Confederate Flags Not in Indiana

From the October 28-29, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

*  National Cathedral faces calls to remove windows with Confederate generals.  (Washington, D.C.)  (Loss)  Hope someone is prepared to come up with two million dollars, $1 million for each.  Remember, remove some Confederate, pay $1 million.

**  School flies an LGBTQ Flags.  Students wear Confederate Flags.  Guess Which One Gets Banned?  (Bloomington, Indiana)  (Loss)  Students were protesting the presence of Gay flags, one in the library, the other in a teacher's room.

Of course, the Confederate Flags got banned.  Gay ok, Confederate not.

Something Mighty Wrong Here.  --Old Secesh

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