Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nov. MCCWRT Meeting, the Red River Campaign-- Part 7: Confederate General Green Loses His Head

The shallowness of the Red River had become a major problem for Porter's gunboats and in addition, Confederate troops and artillery began attacking the Union ships from the river banks.  Porter began going back down the river.

One of the best generals on the Confederate side, Thomas Green, was decapitated by a shot from the USS Osage that was directed by a periscope, one of the first time this devise was used in battle.  His loss hurt the Confederate side badly.

The USS Eastport hit a torpedo and eventually the Union force had to blow it up to prevent its capture.

At this time, Richard Taylor lost many of his troops who were taken to fight the Union advance from Little Rock.On April 23rd, there was an engagement at Monett's Ferry, but Banks was getting away.

--Old Secesh

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