Monday, November 28, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 390: Flag Situation in South Carolina

From the November 16, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederatw.

**  Restaurant owner opposed in bid to lower Confederate Flag.  (Orangeburg, S.C.)  (Split Decision)  Tommy Daras wanted to take the flag down from land by his restaurant, the Edisto River Creamery and Kitchen, saying it was bad for business.

But, the SCV say they own the small plot of land the flag is on.  They received the deed to it back in 2005 from the former restaurant owner.  It was formerly part of a bbq chain called Maurice's, owned by Maurice Bessinger, who had a dozen restaurants serving the local mustard-based yellow bbq sauce.  He was very pro-Confederate and flew the flag at his stores and had Confederate literature.

In this case, the SCV should give or sell the land back to the new owner.

--Old Secesh

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