Friday, December 23, 2016

Death of 1st Lt. Robert S, Edwards, 48th N.Y. at Fort Wagner

From Manuscripts of the American Civil War:  Robert S. Edwards Papers.

Taken from letters written by witnesses at Lt. Edwards' death on July 8, 1863, at Fort Wagner, S.C..

The letters showed the "heroic nature of Robert's death, and indicating that he gained Wagner's parapet and took up the fallen national flag after the regiment's color sergeant was wounded."

"Robert was shot in the chest after scaling the parapet, and immediately toppled back into the flooded ditch."

Another letter reported seeing "Robert's body lying near the top of the rampart, head-down on the slope, with his left side torn away (probably by a canister round).  The same witness reported that moments earlier, he had seen "Lieut. Edwards rushing up the slope of the fort near the parapet, wavering the glorious Stars and Stripes over his head -- speaking out in a cool & determined tone -- 'Come on Company C -- follow this Flag -- the Fort must be ours."

The Death of a Hero.  --Old secesh

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