Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It Was 75 Years Ago: Pearl Harbor "Almost on the USS Arizona"

A date I commemorate in all of my blogs, regardless of what they are about.

From the Youngstown Ohio Pearl Harbor Survivors Profiles.

ANTONE T. "CAL' CALDERONE  Jackson Township near Massillon.

Played tuba and string bass on the USS West Virginia.  In combat he was on communications and damage control.

"I almost got killed on the Arizona. On December 6, there was a battle of the bands but the USS West Virginia did not participate because we were on guard duty.  But the Tennessee band played, and they picked me up.  After playing, the Tennessee band officer asked me to say and my officer said no.

"The Arizona band took me to the West Virginia and as they pulled alongside I wished them a merry Christmas.  If my officer had not denied me permission to stay, I would have been in the Arizona band compartment on December 7.   It took a direct hit and they lost everybody.  To this day, I can't forget it."

Not Forgetting One Bit.

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