Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Confederate Time Capsule in (l)ouisville

From the Nov. 22, 2016, Gizmodo "Confederate Time Capsule Opened, Is Filled With Soggy Garbage" by Mike Novak.

(l)ouisville will continue in lower case in my blog because of its shame.

When the Confederate Monument in louisville was built, the people put in time capsule under it and put items associated with the effort of independence, some of them rare.  One was a cigar smoked by President Jefferson Davis and Confederate currency.

Unfortunately, the contents had become waterlogged.  But, efforts will be made to dry them out to see what can be saved.

Mike Novak is anti-Confederate and I would think that had the water not gotten into the capsule he still would have considered its contents "Garbage."

He closed with the words "Good riddance, traitors."

It is very unfortunate that the contents were waterlogged.

--Old Secesh

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