Monday, November 6, 2017

And Meanwhile, In Chicago, the Deaths Continue to Mount Up

From Hey jackass, Chicago Mayhem and Murder site.

Yesterday, when we heard that a white person had killed all those people in the Texas church, the first thing I thought was "Oh No.  Please don't let the church be a black one."  That is so sad that I would think that.  And my next thought was, "Please don't let him, if this was a black church, been photographed with anything Confederate.

I mean, all this Confederate hate really got started with the black church in Charleston.

But then, I keep seeing all the shootings and murders in Chicago, where a whole lot more than 9 Blacks have been killed.  Evidently, the black community only gets really upset when it is a white person who does the shootings and killings.  It must not be a problem when it is Blacks killing and wounding other Blacks.

Here are the numbers:

November to Date:  9 killed, 37 wounded

Week in Progress (11-5 to 11-11:  3  Killed, 7 wounded

Year to date:  557 Killed, 2640 wounded

Every 2:19 someone gets wounded
Every 12:21 someone gets killed

The neighborhoods with the most murders and shootings are Black.

Victims are 78.3% Black and 17.6% Hispanic.

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