The Battle of Fort Fisher, N.C.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Other Events Affecting the Civil War-- Part 6: Confederates Refusing to Cross the Potomac River

Continued from September 28, 2017.

**  Mobile as a port was closed in August 1864, but continued being held by Confederates until almost the end of the war.

**  Some Confederates refused to cross the Potomac River before the Battle of Gettysburg.

**  Inspections of equipment before military issue.

**  Grant being appointed to lead the Union armies which led to the first Union coordinated effort.

**  Did the South have the right to secede?  During the War of 1812, New England came close to it.  Plus there was the South Carolina Nullification which President Jackson forced them to back down.

Next month's discussion topic will be  "The Top Ten Blunders" of the war.

--Old Secesh

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