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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Elmer Ellsworth-- Part 6: At West Point and the White House

A high point of the tour for Elmer Ellsworth took place on July 26, 1860, when his outfit performed at West Point.  His one great desire earlier had been to attend the Point and become the soldier he wanted to be. Sadly for him, he had no political connections, something that was very important to get appointed to the USMA.   Now was his chance to show them what he could do.

And, the two American officers who had written the drill manual for American troops, William Hardee and Winfield Scott were in attendance.

Everyone was impressed.  To top it off, on August 4, the Zouave Cadets performed at the White House for President Buchanan.

There was no charge to see the Zouaves perform, but one time in New York City, they drilled inside and $1 was charged for each spectator.  This was badly needed as they were running out of money.

In Pittsburgh, Ellsworth was presented with a ceremonial sword.  That sword came up for auction a few years ago and had an opening bid of $60,000.

--Old Secesh

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