Thursday, November 30, 2017

Elmer Ellsworth-- Part 5: Proving National Championship

To prove that his United States Zouave Cadets were the national champions in drill, Elmer Ellsworth determined to go on a 20-city tour.  But, in order to do so, $7,000 needed to be raised.  They sold Zouave drill manuals to raise part of it.

Even though his men were already a well-trained outfit, to be extra sure, Ellsworth launched a vigorous training regime.  They trained from 7 to 11 every night except Sunday.

They went on the road, appearing in Adrian, Michigan first and then to Detroit.  Ellsworth had strict rules and breaking any of them would get the man sent home immediately.

More stops at Rochester, Syracuse, Albany in New York and his Zouaves were becoming quite the celebrities. with their pomp and showmanship during the drills.

--Old SecZouave

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