Thursday, September 6, 2018

Battle of Tuliffiny-- Part 7: Union Ships

Union Naval vessels that participated in the amphibious landing at Tuliffiny

Note, I am of the belief these were ships of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron probably based at the Union base at Hilton Head, S.C.. (Port Royal)

USS St, Louis  (The only Civil War ship by this name I could find was one of the Mississippi River ironclads.)

USS Pawnee
USS Canandaigua

USS Flag
USS New Hampshire  (this was a former ship-of-the-line and storehouse based at Port Royal).

USS Sonoma  This one was definitely at the battle.
USS Mingoe

USS Pontiac
USS Saratoga

USS James Adger
USS Camarron

USS Donegal

These ships were under command of Rear Admiral James Dahlgren (Dahlgren guns) of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

The Naval Support Brigade ashore was commanded by Commander George Henry Preble.

--Old Secesh

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