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Monday, September 17, 2018

Confederate Lt. James Washington-- Part 2: After Exchange Was Ordnance Officer in Montgomery

It was while he was on Gen. Johnston's staff that he was captured on May 31, 1862, at the Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia.

During this captivity he happened to meet with George Custer, an acquaintance of his from his days at the USMA at West Point.  The two former plebes, and now adversaries later sat together for a series of photographs.

Washington remained a prisoner until exchanged on September 21, 1862, at Aiken's Landing, Virginia.

Afterwards, he was assigned as an Ordnance Officer in Montgomery, Alabama.

After the war, he became an executive with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  he died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 6 March 1900 and was buried at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Ohio.

--Old Secesh

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