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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

John Yates Beall, Confederate Guerrilla-- Part 1: Plan to Liberate Confederates Held on Johnson's Island

From  Find-A-Grave

JOHN YATES BEALL  (1835-1865)  Buried in Zion Episcopal Cemetery in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Even though I have written a lot about him in my Civil War Navy blog, I will write what Find-A-Grave had to say about him.

Civil War Confederate guerrilla.

After receiving a law degree from the University of Virginia, he existed as a farmer in Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia)  until the outbreak of the Civil War.  He enlisted in Company G, 2nd Virginia Infantry after the fall of Fort Sumter and was wounded at the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run).

Upon recovery, he went west and later moved to Canada.  While in Canada, he developed a plan to liberate the Confederate prisoners (officers) held at Johnson's Island in Lake Erie.

He returned South and tried to obtain approval from Confederate authorities.  Commissioned  as an acting master in the Confederate Navy, he was never assigned a ship.

And He Was Just Beginning.  --Old Secesh

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