Saturday, September 8, 2018

UNC Ponders What To Do With Toppled 'Silent Sam'-- Part 1

From the September 5, 2018, Chicago Tribune by Frances Stead Sellers and Susan Svrluga, Washington Post.


Two weeks ago a group of protesters (actually thugs guilty of a horrendous hate crime) illegally desecrated the statue of a Confederate soldier at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  You can probably guess where I stand on this.

Now, there is uncertainty about what to do with the statue.

Many argue that it is a relic of racism and want it gone forever, school officials are thinking about putting it up again, but somewhere less prominent.

This from UNC Chancellor Carol Folt who thinks it doesn't belong at the school's "front door", where it was originally, but that the statue means different things to different people.  Many see it as a memorial to fallen Confederate soldiers, some of them ancestors, and that it "has a place in our history and on our campus where its history could be taught."

She seems to have changed her tune since the incident.  At first she seemed to be on the side of the desecrators.  Now, not so much.

This Monument Was Put Up To Honor the Students, Alumni and Faculty of UNC Who Gave Their Lives For the Confederacy.  --Old Secesh

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