Thursday, September 13, 2018

George Custer and Friend Confederate Lt. James Washington-- Part 1

From the book "Custer in Photographs" by D. Mark Katz.

I picked up this book on Tuesday at the Friends of Woodstock (Illinois) Library book sale.  It is of every known photograph taken of George Armstrong Custer.  The captions tell you about the people in the photograph and when it was taken and other information.

From page 6 and 7.

Lt. James Barroll Washington (Confederate prisoner, Custer's friend and classmate), a member of General Joseph E. Johnston's staff, captured at the Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia, May 31, 1862, seated by 2nd Lieutenant George A. Custer, may 31, 1862, by James F. Gibson.

Two Friends Meeting Under Less Than Wonderful Circumstances, Especially for Lt. Washington.  --Old Secesh

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