Monday, December 24, 2012

Illinois GAR Posts-- Part 1

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was formed on Union veterans of the Civil War.  Most any town of any size was likely to have a post.  Here are some in Illinois.

Post #, Name, Town

17--  Bowen--  Wilmington
30--  Stephenson--  Springfield
105--  T. Lyle Dickey-  Pontiac
146--  William T. Sherman--  Bloomington
173--  W. H. Wood--  McLean
182--  L.W. Myers--  Lincoln
185--  Chenoa
305--  Sedgwick--  Gardner
326--  Atlanta
339--  Dan Messick--  Carlinville

These were all located in towns along what eventually became Route 66 in the state.

Reliving Old Times With Fellow Veterans.  --Old Secesh

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