Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Abraham Lincoln-- Part 3

5.  Lincoln declined the King of Siam's offer to supply the U.S. with ELEPHANTS in 1862, saying that the climate of the U.S. wouldn't be in favor of "the multiplication of the elephant."  I guess it could have been like Hannibal's elephants going into battle, only against Confederates instead of Romans.  I doubt they would have lasted too long on the battlefield with all those cannons.  Kind of hard to miss an elephant.

Well, had the Union used elephants, the Confederates could have said they had "seen the elephant" and really meant it, not just referring to seeing battle.  Either that, or they had gotten a bit too much of that moonshine.

6.  WHO LIVED IN LINCOLN'S LOG CABIN?    That cabin that sits inside the marble temple near Hodgenville, Kentucky, could just as easily have been Confederate President Jefferson Davis'.  Back in the late 1800s, the entrepreneur who bought the Lincoln property found no cabin on it.  he found a nearby one which legend had being the Lincoln cabin that had been taken apart and moved.

That man put both that cabin and one that he bought that supposedly was Davis' boyhood home on tour and exhibited them in Nashville, Tennessee, and Buffalo, NY,.  The logs from the two homes were later intermingled and stored in a New York warehouse.  They were resurrected for the historic site, which opened in 1911.

Well, either way, they are old cabins and would indicate the poor beginnings of the two future presidents.

You Don't Know Lincoln.  --Old Secesh

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