Monday, December 31, 2012

Finally Made It to Florida

Sitting here at the Super 8 Motel in St. Augustine Beach after 1200 miles and even a day of no traffic jams and no rain, sleet and snow which marked the first two days of the trip.

Last night, we talked with a couple of Nebraska Cornhusker backers in the parking lot who are off to Orlando today for their New Year's Day matchup with Florida.  They had used frequent flyer miles and flown to Savannah, rented a car and doing a coastal run.

They even knew that they were going to play us three times in the next several years.  I doubt that before we made the Orange Bowl, they even would have had any idea who we were.

Wished them luck, as they're now Big Ten, er-11,er-12, er-13, er-14.  But will be pulling for Georgia as I went there for a year and have family who went there.

An Illinois car just backed out from the parking place next to us.  I didn't see any NIU stuff on it though.

We did encounter one NIU Huskie vehicle on I-75 yesterday, along with a whole lot of Georgia cars.

Planning to see Fort Mantanzas today and drive to Hollywood and check into the hotel.

Finally warm, so today it's shorts and "Orange Bowl Bound" tee shirt.

We did buy a Huskie dog magnet for the car at a TA store in Tifton, Ga.

Well. I see that this should have gone on my RoadLog Blog, but will go ahead and print it on the Civil War one.  Oops.

Huskies, Here We Come.

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