Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Jersey's Fort Mott Named for Civil War General-- Part 2

Gershom Mott was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Amelia Springs, three days before Lee's surrender.  Throughout the war, Mott earned a reputation for competency and bravery.

On December 1, 1865, he was promoted to major general, but resigned his volunteer commission Feb. 20, 1866.  In 1868, he was offered a commission as a colonel in the regular army, but declined it.

Later, he served as state treasurer, warden of the New Jersey prison system, major general and commander of the New Jersey National Guard from 1873 to 1884.  He died in 1884 in New York City and is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey.

Fort Mott in New Jersey was named for him.  It is part of a three-fort defense system designed to protect the Delaware River built following the Civil War.  The other two are Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island and Fort Du Pont in Delaware City, Delaware.

Quite a Man.  --Old Secesh

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