Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Battle of Corinth

I started the blog entry back on March 13th and 19th.

There is a Col. W. P. Rogers Camp #321 in Corinth, Mississippi, where I got this information.

Rogers was born Dec. 27, 1819 and married Martha Halport of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Jan. 15, 1840 and became a successful lawyer in Aberdeen, Mississippi. 

During the Mexican War, he raised Company  K, the Tombridge Guards, which became part of the 1st Mississippi Regiment, commanded by Col. Jefferson Davis.  Rogers became a captain and earned the reputation for bravery and leadership.

At the capture of Monterrey, Rogers was the second to enter the Mexican Fort Teneria while under heavy enemy fire.  Later, he became US consul at Vera Cruz, Mexico.

After the war, he moved to Washington, Texas, before establishing his law practice in Houston.

A Soldier's Officer.  --Old Secesh

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