Monday, December 17, 2012

Lorain, Ohio's Civil War Dead-- Part 1

From the April 24, 2011 Northern Ohio Morning Journal "Lorain's Civil War heroes honored 150 years later" by Ron Vidika.

There are 114 Civil War veterans buried in four Lorain cemeteries.  Seven are in Calvary Cemetery, one each in Ridge Hill and Charleston cemeteries and 106 in Elmwood.

One was a woman, Sarah W.R.C. Shaffer, buried in Elmwood of the 103rd Ohio Infantry.

Probably the most famous one is General Quincy Adams Gilmore.  He was born in Lorain County in 1825 and an 1849 USMA graduate.  After graduation, he was assigned to the elite Corps of Engineers (the top graduates).  He built forts, taught at West Point and after leaving the Army, served as the head of an engineering agency in New York City.

Rejoining the Army at the beginning of the war, he was commissioned a 1st Lt and was chief engineer of the Port Royal Expedition Nov. 7, 1861.  He received praise for his efforts in the capture of Fort Pulaski and helped in the capture of Morris Island and Fort Wagner by Charleston, SC.

Robert J. Crowley of Lorain entered the Navy and served in the West Gulf Blockading Squadron.  At the Mobile, Alabama, his gunboat was blown up by a torpedo, killing and wounding half of the crew.  He narrowly escaped.

Honoring the Veterans.  --Old Secesh

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